Van Donna - Moods (Special CANVAS Set Of 3)

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Van Donna - Moods Individual Panels CANVAS

  • A Special Set Of 3 Fine Art Ink On Canvas Editions.
  • Each Artwork is Signed & Numbered Ltd editions of /25 + proofs by the artist
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
  • Custom framed Beautifully with no glass.
  • Available for immediate dispatch.

Side Note

- Moods are for those who love abstract art, especially those who wants to create their own art and size. 
As the name suggests, moods allows you create your own mood by the varying combinations.
- These can also be used as 'art therapy' - It is well known in art therapy that shapes and colours that you see, in different forms, help towards therapy and puts one into different moods; so choosing your own combination can make you feel in one way, or another for a particular room which is very powerful.
- Interior designers absolutely love these combinations, as they allow for flexibility whilst adding beautiful depth and colour to a roomset.

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