Van Donna - Aura (3 CANVAS Set)

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  • A Special Set Of 3 Fine Art Ink On Canvas Editions.
  • Each Artwork is Signed & Numbered Ltd editions of /25 + proofs by the artist
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
  • Custom framed Beautifully with no glass.
  • Available for immediate dispatch.

Butterfly Fun Fact:

Butterflies can have up to 12,000 eyes and because of this a lot of people believe that they fend off the evil eye.  A huge number of believers in this concept, including many religions such as Jewish, Muslim and Hindu, not to mention many Middle East and cultures including Greek, as well as A great number of healers and spiritualists.
Butterflies also symbolise rebirth, hope, bravery, positive change, confidence and encouragement; and all therefore constitute towards art therapy - which is a huge phenomena used today by many therapists.
They are loved by interior designers and those who love Damien Hirst butterflies, but of course as a fraction of those prices :).

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