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Robert Hilmersson - Knight Rider

Original Street Piece
Spray Paint, Acrylic, Collage & Mixed Media on Wood.
Size: w 2.44  h 1.95m d 0.05m
COA supplied.


Robert Hilmersson has exhibited his artworks in London, New York, Las Vegas, Stockholm, Budapest, Seattle and Gothenburg. His works were added to celebrity collections such as Elton John's, legendary 80’s pop singer Adam Ant of ‘Adam & the Ants’ fame, Swedish business magnate Hans Wallenstam, Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg, internationally renowned antique specialist Björn Gremner, members of the Sainsbury family and at world famous auction house Sotheby’s.

Showing a deep interest in the arts from an early age, it was only seven years ago that Hilmersson decided to make visual arts his only career path after attending an Andy Warhol exhibition in Sydney, Australia.  A true revelation it was, and nothing has been the same for Robert since that day.

“I was constantly dreaming about art after that [exhibition]” he says. “I thought: this is what I’ll do”.

True to his resolution, he has been relentlessly active as an artist since then. In the ever fluctuating world of art, his was a brave step to take, but the decision has certainly paid off. Hilmersson’s artworks are nothing less than spectacular both in being incredibly appealing and flawlessly crafted.

Robert travels a lot, has a keen interest in photography and often refers to Pop Art, Andy Warhol, but also to Banksy and the Street Art Culture as a source of inspiration.

“I often work with big ideas”, he explains. “I am trying to get a twist in the board. My art is all about today’s society, current events, everything from how people behave to politics”.

His work is a juxtaposition of different elements and subjects, colours, cityscapes, graphic design, typography, trash and texture all render important roles in his work. Each painting has a central idea. Whether it is human behavior, politics or war. The themes is life around us. Robert Hilmersson uses strong images to pull emotions out of the viewer. Not for shock value. But to offer different views and opinions on the same subject.

He wants the viewer to think and interpret. With such a polyhedric mind and so many sources of inspiration it takes a brilliant technical ability to put all those inputs into a well balanced unit, and Robert’s technical proficiency is absolutely stunning. His works are a perfect fusion of Pop and Street Art, fully employing the strengths of both techniques. 

The most impressive characteristic of Robert Hilmersson’s artworks is the multi-dimensional conformation and the slightly turbulent confrontation between the beauty of nature and human folly. He is also a colour and shape composer of the highest order”. 

“A colourful, symbolic artist with humorous elements”. 


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