Le Cirque Du Monde Real Silk Georgette Scarf

Le Cirque Du Monde Real Silk Georgette Scarf

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This Le Cirque Du Monde georgette silk scarf is versatile and able to be worn as a neck or head scarf. 100% natural silk fabrics, this pretty woven fabric has a gossamer appearance due to its very fine threads. This Le Cirque Du Monde Real Silk Georgette silk scarf is versatile, luxurious and fashionable.

Jacques was a lion tamer who roamed the world with his lions looking for love. Nainsi was an acrobat who swung so high she could reach out and touch the stars. Together they formed 'le cirque du monde' and travelled the world together, delighting people far and wide with their extraordinary circus.

100% Georgette Silk- Georgette Silk is very similar to silk chiffon or crêpe silk, but Georgette not as sheer as chiffon because of a tighter weave.

 As all of our scarves are handmade to order by real people, there will be some variance in the dimensions, measurements, and shape of the scarf. A predictable amount of shrinkage is likely to occur, this is normal and to be expected. The average shrinkage is 2-8%. Due to the natural softness of the high-quality fabrics we use, the edges of your scarf may be wavy.  All scarves have a care label attached. 

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