LU ZHIPING  'Picturesque Water-town I'

LU ZHIPING 'Picturesque Water-town I'

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'Picturesque Water-town I'

Limited edition Etching,

Image size: 47 x36cm,

Edition of 25.

Lu Zhi Ping 卢治平 b.1947

Researcher of the Expert Committee of Printmaking of China National Academy of Painting;
Curator of the 6th Shanghai Etching Print Exhibition – International Mei Rou Ting Special Exhibition;
Dean of Research Institute of Printmaking Art Center of Hongqiao Peninsula, Shanghai;
Former Member of the 3rd Printmaking Art Committee of the China Artists Association;
Deputy Director of the 4th Printmaking Art Committee of the China Artists Association;
First-Class Artist of Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Academy.
Guest professor of Fine Arts Academy of Shanghai University; School of Urban Planning and Architecture of Tongji University, Art and Design School of Shanghai Business School and Shanghai University of Technology.    


Education :

Study at art education at East China Normal University
BA of art design at college of fine art of Shanghai University 

Rencent  Exhibitions & Activities:

 2008     'Vase,rather than Vase’ - Solo at M art centre , Shanghai

             The 13th International Biennale Printmaking Exhibition ROC IN Taipei

 2009    Judge of 11th National Fine Art Competition, China

 2010    ‘Sonnet of Grey’  - Solo exhibition at Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

            The 7th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen at Guan Shanyue Art Museum , Shenzhen

            The Futurity of Contemporary Printmaking - International Printmaking Symposium & Exhibition 2010 in Taipei

            Curator of ‘Viewing City- Shanghai International Printmaking Exhibition

 2011    The 1st Tianjin Binhai International Printmaking invitation exhibition at Tianjin

            ‘Vision Instruments ' - Solo at Shanghai library

            Curator 'The Art For Life’ - contemporary printmaking for the 80th Anniversary of Emerging Woodcut Movement

 2012     Judge of 2nd International Printmaking Exhibition in Kunming

             Curator of 'Dimensionality of the Origin’--Shanghai International Printmaking Exhibition

             ‘Vase, Rather than Vase’ - Nurturing life in Silence - ‘Rain’ won excellence awards on the 1st Exhibition of Refined Works of Oil painting and Printmaking by members of China Artists Association

 2013      Judge of 2013 Shenzhen International Printmaking Exhibition

              ‘ Being Here’ - Chinese printmaking Studios Union Exhibition at Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum

             ‘Vase, rather than Vase’ - solo exhibition at St Barnabas Press in Cambridge, U.K

             Asia Contemporary prints Exchange Exhibition at Pingtung Art Museum in Taiwan

            ‘Nurturing Life in Silence’ - Solo Exhibition at China Culture Centre Tokyo in Japan.

 2014      Curator of ‘Reading People’ - Shanghai International Printmaking     Exhibition

             ‘Aesthetics of Printmaking’ - Solo Exhibition at William Paterson University, USA

 2015    4-28 June ‘Converging Parallels’  at Milano, Palazzo Permanente



Silver       ‘Fine Art Exhibition’ in Shanghai    2001
Bronze     ‘First Literature & art’ in Shanghai  2003
Lu Xun Printmaking Prize  China printmakers association  2005
Bronze    ‘Beijing Olympic Art Exhibition’       2008


About his work:
Lu Zhiping grew up in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution, and there, inspired by the beauty of rivers and mountains he began his life as a painter. Lu Zhiping employs the traditional Chinese ink painting method, but dilutes the colour focussing on black, white and grey. In China ink painting theory, there are five sub colours of ink, meaning different kinds of grey can replace different colours, and it will be not only rich but also more abstract and formal. Grey represents moderation, peaceful, gentleness, not overjoyed, nor overly sad. It is the colour to symbolise those people who are undisturbed either by favour or disgrace. It will give you sense of philosophy and metaphysical feeling and will make the picture quiet and peaceful as well. I repeatedly adjust the levels relations among black, white and grey, wishing to create the rhythm like music and poetry.

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