Lord K2

Lord K2 is a London born street artist, photographer and author.

Born in London, he has been traveling to South America, Asia and the U.S., creating street art and photography and blending his artistic background and other interests into a uniquely overlapped art form as well as other creative endeavors.

His new book out titled “Street Art Santiago,” was recently released. It explores and delves more into street art’s subculture, documenting the extraordinary graffiti art made in the Chilean capital.

Lord K2 is a prominent figure in the graffiti community worldwide. His art deeply relates to themes recurring in the street art culture, such as human beings becoming victims of mass consumerism and humans becoming commodities, or cyberpunk-meets-1984 subjects like technology taking more and more control over each individual’s privacy and personal life.

His canvas piece named ‘Victim 7186045901392677’ was the object of an unusual bidding war at Walton Fine Arts Gallery in Knightsbridge, London. The piece was part of a series portraying individuals as victims of consumerism where the consumers are not only the victims of consumerism; they are the ones who are being consumed. The piece was finally sold for £72,000, an unprecedented sum for an emerging artist!


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