Hollie Wood

London based Hollie Wood is an abstract painter with an elegant style: simple, confidently classic in the approach but up to date and vibrant at the same time.

Influenced by the classic masters of the 20th century she’s not afraid to look deliberately retro. In her own words:

“I think innovation nowadays, when everything in art has been said and done and almost every boundary have been broken, can well be reinstating what’s commonly known or accepted as ‘good painting’. Art is a very subjective and divisive matter so you can’t expect universal consensus, but you can try your best to at least live up to your own standards and hope that others will come to love what you do and stand for”.

While the choice of colours in a lot of art from the 20th century (with notable exceptions, think Marc Chagall) can sometimes come across as a bit dull by today’s standards or look ‘old’ especially in the context of modern interiors, Hollie’s palette is vibrant, eye-pleasing and soothing . Hollie Wood is exclusively represented by Walton Fine Arts.


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